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Kim graduated from University of Georgia with a BS in Biology where she studied ethology (animal behavior) and neurobiology. She became interested in pet behavior and dog training in 1994 when she adopted Rikki, a very fearful mix breed puppy. After years of training and socialization, Rikki was able to compete at the Masters level in AKC and USDAA dog agility events. Together they traveled to California, Colorado, and Texas to compete in large national events and locally they competed in obedience and agility. She has competed in agility since 1994 with several different breeds and sizes of dogs.

Kim's main area of interest in pet training is dog sports which involves a good foundation in basic obedience and motivation. In 2005 Kim began competing in Disc Dog events with border collies Nimble, Remedy, and Kate (owned by Jan Reid). By 2007 she was a GADDC argus cup finalist and most improved player. She has competed in dock dog diving and stockdog events. A positive, motivating training method has allowed her to train her dogs, cats, fish and a mouse to perform numerous tricks or tasks as well as made for better household companions.

Kim has been teaching classes, seminars, and giving lectures since 1996 combining her knowledge of how animals learn with positive reinforcement. She can design a motivating training plan to help you and your furry companion achieve your goals.