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For Books and Supplies:
Items with our logo: http://www.cafepress.com/workandplaydogs
Karen Pryor's Website http://clickertraining.com
The Pet Set http://www.thepetset.com
Petnecks http://petnecks.com

For Training Articles and Information:
Clicker Solutions http://clickersolutions.com
The Keeper Pages http://shirleychong.com/keepers/index.html
Operant Conditioning for Assistance Dogs e-mail list

Dog Aggression: http://www.upenn.edu/pennnews/article.php?id=1548

For Fun:
Fergus Fogg and Friends Website http://fergus.fogg.net

Breed Rescue Organizations:
American Bouvier Rescue League
Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue

DREAM Dachshund Rescue

Leonberger Rescue Inc. http://leonberger-rescue.org

Atlanta Area Veterinarians
Gwinnett Animal Hospital
Loving Touch Animal Center

Dog Trainers in Other Areas
Landen Gailey, Western NC (Asheville Area) http://greenmountainlodge.net

Places to Vacation with Your Dog
Western NC (Asheville Area) http://greenmountainlodge.net

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Pets of Georgia www.petsofgeorgia.com