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Samantha Fogg, head trainer, owner

Samantha pictured here with Milo, Gin, Beezer, and Fergus. Photo by Senia Phillips

Samantha's interest in dog training started with Service Dogs -- these are dogs who are individually trained to mitigate their human partner's disability. Training Service Dogs has taught Samantha about the importance of flexibility, of reliability, and of understanding the needs of both owner and animal. Samantha has studied the science behind animal behavior and training, so that she can create training plans based on the specific needs of owner and animal, rather than simply relying on standard training "recipes."

Samantha is the owner of the Operant Conditioning for Assistance Dogs e-mail list, a list with 1200+ members focused on the training of Service Dogs using operant conditioning.

Samantha is President Emeritus of Leonberger Rescue Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit breed rescue.

Samantha currently shares her home with 7 dogs, 1 cat, and her husband. She enjoys photography, especially of animals.

Samantha, pictured her with Asa, Pablo, and Milo. Photo by Bob Foley