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Behavior Basics - for dogs and puppies of all ages, who need to learn the basics or who could use a refresher course. No prerequisite classes.

+Puppy Playtime - for puppies in the behavior basics class, socialization and playtime to help them develop their canine social skills. No extra charge for this.

Beyond the Basics - for intermediate and advanced dogs that builds on the basics. Prerequisites: Behavior Basics or Trainer Approval.

Babies+Dogs - whether you are thinking of adding a baby to your family, or you already have a baby, this class can help to maintain household harmony. Teach your dog to walk on a loose leash with you and your stroller, appropraite greeting behavior, to lay on a mat while you nurse, and more.

Tots+Dogs - designed for kids ages 2-5 years old and their families, this class is all about games that promote a good relationship between tots and their dogs. Class lasts an hour with a snack-break halfway through.

Kids+Dogs - designed for kids ages 6-10 years old, this class uses science, art, and stories to explore the world of dog training. Kids will be asked to document their observations abou their dogs using any combination of media (drawing, writing, video, photography, collage, etc.)


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This class is currently on hiatus, and will return when Samantha Fogg returns from Maternity Leave (end of June 2009)

e-mail info@workplaydogs.com or call 678-344-2021
for information about the next session

Children and dogs can be a great combination. They enjoy a lot of the same games, can teach each other a lot, and can have a fabulous time together. Unfortunately, children and dogs can also have major misunderstandings, and relationships can sour quickly. Getting (and keeping) Tots+Dogs on the same page can make every parent's life easier, and make everyone in the family safer and happier.

This class focuses on games that Tots(that is kids ages 2-5 years)+Dogs can play together. Each week we play active games, quiet games, practice safety behaviors, and the Tots get to have a snack-break while the Dogs practice self control and not taking things from children.

Parents MUST attend class with their Tots+Dogs. Please bring your whole family, and please wear comfortable shoes with good traction. Please also bring a mat large enough for your tot and his/her dog to sit on, as well as snacks for your tot, treats for your dog, and a leash and either harness or buckle collar for your dog.

Please, no peanuts (or peanut flavored treats) in class!