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Behavior Basics - for dogs and puppies of all ages, who need to learn the basics or who could use a refresher course. No prerequisite classes.

+Puppy Playtime - for puppies in the behavior basics class, socialization and playtime to help them develop their canine social skills. No extra charge for this.

Beyond the Basics - for intermediate and advanced dogs that builds on the basics. Prerequisites: Behavior Basics or Trainer Approval.

Babies+Dogs - whether you are thinking of adding a baby to your family, or you already have a baby, this class can help to maintain household harmony. Teach your dog to walk on a loose leash with you and your stroller, appropraite greeting behavior, to lay on a mat while you nurse, and more.

Tots+Dogs - designed for kids ages 2-5 years old and their families, this class is all about games that promote a good relationship between tots and their dogs. Class lasts an hour with a snack-break halfway through.

Kids+Dogs - designed for kids ages 6-10 years old, this class uses science, art, and stories to explore the world of dog training. Kids will be asked to document their observations abou their dogs using any combination of media (drawing, writing, video, photography, collage, etc.)

Beyond the Basics

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prerequisite: Behavior Basics or trainer approval

This class will be on hiatus following the current session, while Head Trainer, Samantha Fogg, is on Maternity Leave. Classes are anticipated to resume at the end of Jne 2009. Please contact us if you would like more information about the class.
e-mail ( info@workplaydogs.com ) or call 678-344-2021 for dates and times.

Once the basics are mastered, it is time to up the ante. In this class we increase distractions, increase duration, increase distance, and we start to build more complex behaviors. This class is suitable for both intermediate and advanced students, and the challenges are customized for the individual dogs.

Class meets once per week for 7 weeks. Please wear comfortable shoes with good traction, as we'll be moving around. Bring your dog, your dog's leash and collar or harness, your dog's favorite toy and treats. We recommend bringing a crate for your dog, though this is not required. Your entire family is welcome to come to this class. We ask that all children be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Registration form and proof of vacination are required for all dogs who will be attending the class. Payment must be made in advance (please call for current prices).

If you have questions about this class, or if you would like to seek trainer approval, please either call Samantha at 678-344-2021 or e-mail us at info@workplaydogs.com